There’s nothing worse than knowing exactly what it is you want to say, but somehow you just can’t express it eloquently on paper.

You’re thinking that it can’t really be this difficult, can it? So you jot down notes, create some bullet points and decide to have a stab at writing a few paragraphs, and despite all of the great knowledge inside of your head, it just never seems to translate quite as you hoped.

Imagine you’re trying to create that perfect article that ties in with the latest consumer trend report, and you need to get it live ASAP. If you can’t get past the notes stage, and it drags on for days, you’ll miss the boat. You need to be on the pulse of what’s happening now, so your customers see that you’re reactive and providing exactly what they’re looking for in real time.

Consistency across your brand is crucial, so if your website has been written by a professional copywriter and it’s top notch, but your blog posts are falling flat, then who you gonna call? A ghostwriter! (I hope you were humming along to the Ghostbusters theme song as you read that last part.)