pom poms

Have you got a pair of business pom poms?

One of the best things I did when starting my copywriting and PR business was to invest in a pair of pom poms.

I know I sound like I’m off my rocker but stick with me for a moment.

Starting out on your own is hard – don’t let anyone tell you any different. While I had huge support from my other half and both sets of parents, none of then were able to give me any practical guidance as to how on earth I was supposed to do this successfully.

Working for yourself is quintessentially ‘living the dream’ for many of us, but in reality, it can be a lonely, tough place to be. Whenever this happens, it’s time to break out the pom poms. These are my lovely pair:

Business Mentors

My first is Nadia, a kick-ass business coach who runs the Actionista Academy I’m part of.

Business Mentors

My second is Jude, my ex-boss, great friend and fellow small business owner at JudeBrooks.com

These ‘pom poms’ are my business mentors and are a huge part of why I’ve been so successful in my first year. They help me in very different ways, so if you’re keen to find out how business mentors can help you, read my article Why Every Start-Up Needs a Pair of Pom Poms over on Huffington Post.

Have you got any business mentors yet? Are they better in pairs? (I think so!)

Don’t forget, if you’re a healthy lifestyle brand that needs a copywriter to help you write wonderful words for your website, blog and articles like this, email me!

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