Picture the scene: you’ve started your own business because you want to turn your passion into your day job. You’ve poured your heart, soul and every hour of the day and night into it. Somehow, through sheer hard work, minimal techie knowledge and a minuscule budget, your business has a website, brochure, leaflet, blog, and you’re thinking of publishing an e-book…

Firstly, a virtual high five to you for getting all of that done, that’s really impressive. However, (and I suspect you knew this was coming), what if you’ve stared at that content so many times, that you no longer see it? It’s a trap everyone falls into if they work on the same piece of copy, editing and rewriting it over and over again.

You no longer read it word for word. Instead you skim read it just looking for mistakes, rather than evaluating the whole piece.

Imagine pouring in all of that love and hard work, only for silly mistakes to rear their head. It only takes a couple of seconds to put off potential clients, who suddenly doubt your expertise if you can’t get the basics right.